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2010-11 – King College

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King College: November 2010

Engineer: Michael Brady, Inc

Contractor: Stealth Group

The Project:

In 2010, King College enrollment is growing at a fast rate.  So fast that they needed additional parking quickly.  Due to Knox County regulations, the storm water that will run off of their parking lot needs to be treated before being released into the public storm water system.  The simplest and most cost effective option for treatment was to use a StormFilter water quality unit.

The StormFilter Water Quality Unit requires a slower flow rate to treat the runoff than what was designed to exit the site, so we assisted in the design of a CMP detention system.  The CMP detention system was designed to store a large storm event and allow the storm water to flow into the water quality unit at the specified rate and to exit the site compliant.

Below are some installation pictures:

Questions/Contact Info:

If you have any questions regarding this project or any of the products being used, please call our office and we will be pleased to assist you.

Marty Mason, E.I.

Tommy Burnette – President



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